Cryptomator Android App - Decrypted Files


I want to store my KeePass File in a Cryptomator Container on Android.

For this reason I have to know where the Decrypted Files are stored, so that KeePass can open the files.

@tobihagemann already told me: “There is no mount point on Android. Cryptomator for Android communicates directly with the cloud (and local) storage.”

Is there any change to handle this?


The decrypted files are stored in an app specific cache and for security reasons only Cryptomator for Android has access to those files.

However, you can store your KeePass File in a Cryptomator vault (or container) and export it on your device. You can select the location where to export the KeePass File and open it with the Keepass app.

Hello Marc.

how is the status? :wink:
i will also encrypt my keepass2 database with cryptomator inside my dropbox.
im looking forward to buy your app from the android store, but without a “easy” sync from the Keepass2Andoid app, Cryptomator is not sooo comfortable…


Hi, I was keener: I bought the iOS-Cryptomator just for the encryption of my KeePass V2-Files in the Dropbox. With only Dropbaox it worked perfectly for years now. So my investment in more security was in vain? No write-back of iOS-made changes in KeePass? The same is true for the PC-Windows 10 version???

Thanks for reactions…

Although this does not answer your question, I’m still wondering why you want to store an already encrypted keepass kdbx file into the vault? There’s no need to encrypt the kdbx files twice (my opinion).

I just unlock my vault, then navigate to the kdbx file and tap it. It then prompts me to open it with the compatible app on the Android device. In my case I have got KeePass2Android and KeePass2Android Offline. That’s it.
You just cannot modify your database and save it. It is sort of read-only.

Is it still read-only or is the write/save feature added to the latest version?
I have not bought the Cryptomator for Android yet because I want to be able to write/save/upload the changes made on the phone to Dropbox. Is that possible now?

Nothing changed since that post.

So that may work on Android.

Any idea how to make it possible on iPhone?

It’s the same on iPhone. You have to download the file to work on it and upload it again.

why do not you make a mount point, it is really essential, eg. for KODI or other software. just write that it is uncertain and ready. Function On / Fin. Off.

This is a Feture Request and everyone wants to have it. this is really important, it is really useless