Cryptomator and pCloud - file last modified dates getting overwritten?

Hi, I’m having an issue using Cryptomator with pCloud. If I create a Crypomator vault on pCloud (remote) and copy files into the vault, the files’ last modified dates get overwritten with the date that I copied the files over. (Not just the Created or Accessed dates, but the Last Modified date as well.) This doesn’t happen if I copy over a file into a Cryptomator vault not on pCloud, or to a pCloud folder that’s not Cryptomator-encrypted, so it appears it’s neither Cryptomator nor pCloud by itself but rather some interplay between the two programs that is overwriting the files’ last modified dates? Has anyone encountered this or know how to fix this so it doesn’t overwrite the files’ dates? I’m using Windows 10 and Cryptomator 1.65 if that makes a difference. Thanks!

Hi @user47
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I validated your claims and could reproduce it locally with my pCloud account. I cross-checked this with a vault on OneDrive and there the timestamp is preserved.

I then copied a file directly to the pCloud drive and the timestamp was preserved as well.

Therefore I raised a Github bug: