Cryptomator and OneDrive on iOS 13

Hi. I’m using Cryptomator on iOS to access my vault on OneDrive, however, when I try to open my vault, Cryptomator sends me to the app “Microsoft Authenticator”. I was able to access it fine before and login to OneDrive, but now it always sends me to that app (which I have installed, for work). And I could not connect to OneDrive to get to my vault anymore.

Not sure if the issue was caused by an update to Microsoft Authenticator, where it takes over calls to OneDrive, but hoping you guys can clear it up. I have tried uninstalling cryptomator and reinstalling it but the same thing happens (can’t even add a OneDrive account). I can’t uninstall the other app though as I need it for a 2 factor authentication code.

Hey and welcome in the community :wave:!

I’m not a iOS user but maybe this helps: Recent update breaks OneDrive personal

Thank you!! That works, and it was exactly my experience. Weird implementation on MS side seems like.