Cryptomator and KIO GDrive in Linux


I have been accessing my Google Drive in OpenSuse via KIO GDrive ( KIO GDrive is a KIO slave that enables KIO-aware applications (such as Dolphin, Kate or Gwenview) to access and edit Google Drive files on the cloud.

I installed Cryptomator and was able to create a testing vault in some testing folder in my home folder, that works fine. Now I would like to create a new vault in the KIO GDrive to have my setup complete but the popup window asking where the new vault should be created does not see KIO GDrive; it offers only apps, home folder, Desktop, File system.

Is there some workaround I could use to make Cryptomator see the KIO Gdrive?

Thank you

It is no longer a relevant topic. I have moved to Dropbox. Thanks a lot for the great application.