Cryptomator 1.4 Beta fails with OpenJDK 10 and 11

Hi all,

since i needed the alternative mount with FUSE/Dokany i tried the latest beta together with OpenJDKs and found that it fails due to the missing JavaFX.
As i remember Oracle said that FX would be moved into a separate package.
What can i do?
Tried it with an older JDK10 (Oracle) and it worked fine, but that is not the final solution for the next year…

Edit: This occurs with the *.jar version of course …


Currently I’m afraid pretty much nothing until Cryptomator is ported to JDK 11. (apart from starting to help development (; )
Currently most of the development goes into finalizing the 1.4.0 release with stable dokany & fuse support.
After that the portation to Java 11 will be an important issue (due reasons you already mentioned and the changed licensing of the oracle JDK).