Creating a new folder crashes Cryptomator vault?

Whenever i create a new folder on my unlocked vault folder, it crashes cryptomator?

What happens is i say create a new folder on B:, as soon as i hit enter to finish typing in its name, explorer freezes up, then it does one of two things: It shows a progress box which shows an ascii character above it, then the volume becomes inaccessible. Or it says the location couldn’t be found, and then my vault is shown as completely empty in explorer.
I have to then lock and unlock the vault to make it recover, which sometimes creates another virtual drive using a different letter, but the old one remains in explorer. When i go back into the vault, i can see that the folder has been created but it is just simply called “New Folder”
I’m using Windows 10 x64.

Here’s a clip of what’s going on:

Any idea what’s going on? cheers.

Hi. Looks like problems with the network Interface.
Does this happen for both available interfaces (Dokany, WebDAV)?

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Ah it seems it only occurs when using Dokany. I changed it to webDAV and it’s behaving properly now :slight_smile: