Crash on new computer on a volume restored from backup

Good morning,

I have an issue with a Cryptomator vault, which I restored with Carbon Copy Cloner. When I try to access files on the vault, the entire computer crashes. I have this happen with an Electrum wallet file, and a Monero wallet file. The machine does not crash when creating a new folder, interestingly, but as soon as I try to move a file, or create a new file, the computer turns off.

I’m on a new M1, and did setup the machine without Migration Assistant. (So it’s possible my new user has a different UID) Can a permission issue cause this misbehavior?

Other vaults works just fine. It’s just this one. I tried creating a new vault, and copying the files over but the result was the same.

Anyone an idea what else I could try?


Do you use FUSE or WebDAV to access the files?

In the latter case, the crashes are caused by the faulty WebDAV implementation of macOS on M1 Macs:

Although this sounds like a different cause…

Been using WebDAV indeed. I thought it’s better-ish. Interestingly it’s only one vault having issues. Guess that means waiting until WWDC before Apple fixes it.

Are you accessing the other vaults also via WebDAV? If yes, it would be interesting what the difference between the crashing and non-crashing vaults is.

For a start, do you know what carbon copy cloner is doing on the filesystem layer? E.g. when you copy your restored vault to a different place, does it still crash?

Not sure yet. I thought CCC, or maybe Arq, keeps the permissions intact. Since I didn’t choose to restore with Migration Assistant, creating a new user (with the same name) potentially also meant the user IDs would be different. So I thought there’s a permission problem first.

I’m accessing all my Cryptomator vaults with WebDAV, and I haven’t tested this bug with the newly released 11.4 macOS.

I discovered the other day that the problematic vault uses a significant amount of disk space, while the contents themselves are very small (bunch of text files, and PDF’s). The vault I created by copying the files from the old vault to the new vault is only 12 MB in size, whereas the old one is 11 GB. I suppose that is not causing any harm though, because I had the crashes on the old as well as the new vault. Also Cryptomator didn’t prompt to upgrade the vault either, so that’s also not an option.