Corrupted .enex Evernote file (bunch of NULs)


OS: Windows 10 64 bit
Drive integration: Dockany
Syncing with Nextcloud

I am using Evernote for notes organization and one week ago I exported one single note into my Cryptomator virtual drive. Today I tried to import the note back to Evernote and got an error message saying the chars can not be recognized (I was also having a chat with Evernote support but it seems like they can not help me)

So I took the file and opened it with Notepad++
It seems like one third of the file is filled with "NUL"s until it proceedes with normal text.

Also the size of the file has reduced from 11000 kb to 200kb.

I have 3 log files that contain a few lines of errors. If a team member is reading this thread I would be happy to send it over via PM!

You would really make my day if there is a solution for my problem…



Hi Daniel,

which cryptomator version?
This “sounds” similar to #875


Hi @Michael
Thank you for your answer!

I recently updated to 1.4.8
But I think the issues mentioned there only affect files which are on the Cryptomator virtual drive with which you are simultenously working on. For example a file which you save on Cryptomator and you proceed to work on the file. The .enex file from Evernote however is just an exported file I did not touch/edit again after export.


I get a lot of errors mentioning “WARN o.c.c.attr.CryptoBasicFileAttributes - Unable to calculate cleartext file size for C:…”


Please don’t post log files in public threads unless you want everyone to be able to see them. Note that the log contains file paths from your system.

You can ignore these warnings about the file header being -88 bytes. Cryptomator can deal with this. Those files are effectively empty. They will go away as soon as you overwrite empty files in the affected vault.

Did you export the file from Evernote directly to the vault drive? In this case you might want to update to 1.4.9, which contains another hotfix for applications that write data while having another open file handle on the same file. Details here:


Updated now to 1.4.9, file is still corrupted.

Exporting a note out of Evernote basically means exporting a copy. It is not like going to File > save as, save the file to a destination and you keep working on the same file.
I exported the note directly to the vault drive.

As I am not able to reproduce the error I guess there might be a problem besides Evernote. All other files like .mp4 etc. seem to be ok, only 2 out of 10 .enex files are corrupted.


1.4.9 can not bring back the corrupted file. It will only prevent this bug to occur again when saving.