Copy of PC Vault 'not found' when opening in Android App

I synced a copy of my of my Cryptomator documents vault to my phone and try to access it on my phone using the Cryptomator Android app.

However, when I try to open the vault in the app, by navigating to the folder (Saved on SD card) and selecting masterkey file it appears in the cryptomator app with a blank name and reads the error message when I press on it:
’Vault not found
The vault has been renamed, moved or deleted. Remove this vault from the list and add it again to proceed. Remove now?

I am using a Samsung S8 and 256GB SD card. I copied the Vault over usb on windows file explorer and intend to syncronize over cloud storage with PCusing the MegaSync Pro app.

Am I missing something? I just bought the Cryptomator app. Is it possible to access a local copy of a PC encrypted vault on Android app?

Thanks in advance!

Hey and welcome in the community :slightly_smiling_face:!

I think you run into a quiet similar problem (but in Local storage): WebDav works on my iOS devices but not Android

Please add as custom location at least the parent folder of the vault folder.

We’ve added a section about this topic in our new documentation, which will be available in the next few days.

I’ve put the android Cryptomator Vault folder in a Parent Folder called Documents, the same name as parent folder on PC and it hasn’t made it work :confused:

Any further recommendation? The app isn’t useful to me unless I can access this.

Sorry I didn’t make myself clearer. I meant the part where you created a custom location.
If you are in the vault list, then click on the “+” sign --> “Add existing vault” --> “Local storage” --> “+” --> (now you have to select at least a parent of the vault folder) e.g. SD CARD directly

Ahh! Amazing! Thanks. That makes sense.

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