Codename Suggestion for Version 1.5.0

What do you guys think about voting for names we give to (non-bugfix) releases, starting with version 1.5.0?

I would suggest naming Cryptomator after famous (fictional, preferably non-evil) robots. :robot:

Suggestion with most :heart: wins (as long as it is not offensive or anything).

For any contestant please say a few words why you think it is a fitting name for the release (e.g. if version 1.5.0 added a feature to bend steel, Bender would be a good name).

Feature-wise 1.5.0 didn’t add much. It is mostly a fully rewritten UI and has some optimizations under the hood. Maybe you have some suggestions that reflect this?

I’d like to suggest K-2SO from Rogue One:

Quoting Wikipedia:

K-2SO is an Imperial security droid who has been reprogrammed by the Rebel Alliance.

A reprogrammed security droid? That fits perfectly! Also, he has dark mode (both in appearance as well as in humor) :smile:


At some point you must have a Marvin Edition (hitchhikers guide to the galaxy). As with many encryption users , marvin suffers paranoia :rofl: He is extremely clever with complex mathematics , but does suffer with depression. This codename may be best suited for really difficult/major mobile release, Could be properly named “Marvin the Paranioid- Android edition”

The parody movie Spaceballs had an android called Dot Matrix - could be suitable for CLI/Sanitizer due to the terminal display.


My thoughts yesterday :smile::smile:

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I’d suggest HiAndromon from Digimon Adventure:
Quoting from here:

HiAndromon is an Android Digimon. The percentage of Chrome Digizoid parts which compose its body has increased, and it is impossible to miss the extent of its gains in offensive and defensive power from this, compared to Andromon. Additionally, as Andromon, it was incomplete, and by adding Chrome Digizoid parts to the Bio-Synapse circuits which govern its thinking, it became self-aware, making it possible for it to execute its objectives. Because it is both a Vaccine-species and a Cyborg, its attacks against Virus-types are not only fearfully accurate but also intense.

An evolved Andromon which appearance is simply a more-refined version of Andromon with black-coloration (dark mode/theme?) and