Clicking Lock Vault causes the action to freeze (on MacOS 11.6)

When i try to lock the vault, the vault icon changes to the circle with dots to show that its performing the action but it never completes it. There is no pop up… no error message, nothing. It does not complete and turn the icon into the lock icon. It simply stays that way as if its still performing the action. Any idea what could cause this?

I have the same problem. I’m encrypting a large amount of data, so that might have something to do with it… Were you able to solve this problem? If so, how?

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What version of Cryptomator are you using and what virtual drive provider is selected in the general preferences?

As a more general note: The combination of a M1 Mac and WebDAV as provider is one I advise against, since over the past three months several bugs bubbled up on our issue tracker (i.e.,