Changing webDAV URL causes issues (Windows client)


The changing webDAV URL causes issues with “dead” entries in various MRU lists in Windows. For example, MS Office applications keep the history of previously used documents which cannot be used when the webDAV URL changes.

Is there a way to configure Cryptomator not to change the webDAV URL?

Thanks for your help!


well, my WebDAV URL does not change. So I guess my configuration might help.
When you where asked to promt you password, click the “options” button.
Then chose a volume name and a letter. Then the path to your files within the vault should never change.


Thanks for your reply.

Unfortunately, this seems not the help. A drive letter and a volume name (default “Cryptomator”) is used anyway. After launching, the URL is something like this: “\cryptomator-vault@42427\DavWWWRoot\Lapp9-8sT2UQ”

The portion “Lapp9-8sT2UQ” is what changes and therefore causes issues


I noted my WebDAV URL the last 2 days multiple times. Several restarts of cryptomator, and the system since then. I dismounted the WebDAV Network Drive manually and mounted it again. It never changes. This includes the letters at the end.
I cannot say why your URL is changing, I`m not so deep into WebDAV technics.
But I can confirm that my URL stays the same all the time.
Maybe some of the other guys here may help.


Just to give an update regarding the changing webDAV naming.

I tried this on various different Windows clients, running Windows 7 or Windows 10 OS. On all of them the same issue with randomly generated webDAV URLs.

Any suggestion would be appreciated.


The randomly generated path component is persisted in settings.json (if I’m not mistaken, it’s located in %appdata%/Cryptomator/) and doesn’t change. However, it will change if you remove/add the vault because then a new id is generated. If you’d like to have the same id for all of your different Windows clients, you can edit settings.json with a text editor and set the id yourself.