Can't export a PDF from Word to a Cryptomator Drive under OSX

I want to export a Word file as PDFf using “Save as…” and then use PDF as file format.
If I save it on a Cryptomator-drive I get the error message “Die Datei kann nicht exportiert werden”
Bildschirm­foto 2023-03-07 um 14.34.33

If I save it in a folder that is not managed by Cryptomator, all works fine.
I use “Fuse” as drive type.

Any ideas? Thanks!

I’m unable to reproduce this issue on macOS 13.2.1 (22D68) with Microsoft Word 16.70 (23021201) using either macFUSE 4.4.2 or FUSE-T 1.0.14.

Try using the Print as PDF function to save the file!

I know that “trick”, and yes, that works. But the resulting pdf is not exactly the same. E.g. a background image is not part of an exported pdf, but visible when I print it to pdf.
And yes, another workaround is exporting the file elsewhere (in a no-Cryptomator-folder) and moving it afterwards.
But still there is a strange behaviour and I think it’s somehow related to Cryptomator/Fuse.

Yes, it’s a workaround and is not perfect. We will definitely take a look when we can reproduce this error.

@Divolezza My intent was for you to also mention your version numbers of all the softwares involved since I’m unable to reproduce this issue.

Sorry Tobi,
while finding out the versions I use to document it here I updated Cryptomator to 1.7.2 (from 1.7.1) and: it works now! Something must have changed.
So we can close this for now. Thank you!

Ah, I guess I forgot to add that I tried with Cryptomator 1.7.2 myself. :smile: Yes, it’s quite possible that it was fixed due to the wrong UID/GID being used with FUSE-T as stated in the release notes.