Can't delete vault from cloud storage


I tried creating a Cryptomator vault inside my cloud storage online drive (from Knowhow) and I couldn’t get it to work. It seemed to encrypt the files when the vault was open and decrypt them when it was closed or something like that?? I must have done something wrong after trying to follow different sources. Now I can’t delete the vault from my online drive; it doesn’t appear in the drive on my computer (see first screenshot in attached document) but it does on the web interface (see second screenshot in attached document). I hope someone can help.

Also, how do I correctly set up a Cryptomator vault in my online drive and access it from the Android app using WebDAV? Perhaps neither are possible with my setup.

Thanks, Matthew.

This seems not to be a cryptomator issue, but an issue with your storage provider.
Did you try to delete it via web interface?