Can't add existing vault on another local user account

Hello everyone I’m new here.
Firstly, I wish to thank Skymatic team for making this great software. ;]

Now to the topic.
I have a problem with my vault. I installed cryptomator app on another windows user. When I select my vault file (masterkey.cryptomator) from onedrive folder the “open” button keep graying out.

What problem could this be?
Cryptomator version: 1.5.14
Windows 10 Pro 64bit 20H2

Check permissions to vault directory.
If NEW user does not have it follow:

I set permissions on both the new user and the user group but it didn’t help. :neutral_face:
I think I will give up. I really don’t know what’s the big deal here is. :thinking: It should work just like it works from usb pendrive for example. It’s weird.

Can you upload a screenshot of this? If I know exactly where in the “add vault” wizard this happens, i could look into it.
Additionally, did you looked into the log file of cryptomator if there are any ERRORs, WARNings or exceptions after you tried to add the vault to the application?