Cannot Upload Videos

Hi Guys,
I just purchased the app on the Apple App Store but whenever i go to upload a 20 min video or something. It shows a “preparing” loader and then shuts down the whole app. What should i do

I was able to reproduce that with the latest TestFlight version, with a slightly different behaviour.
Sent in TestFlight report via iOS.

What I did:

  1. created a 10 min video, ca 5.2 GB size
  2. created a new vault one OneDrive and opened it.
  3. started upload of the video (“preparing file“ circle is showing)
  4. prevented the system to go to sleep (black screen) for about 12 minutes. Status did not change.
  5. waited until iPhone display turned black
  6. waked up iPhone
  7. TestFlight window “something went wrong, do you want to give feedback to developers” showed up immediately
  8. sent report.

created GitHub issue #148

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