Cannot replace existing file in iCloud Drive

Hi developers, recently I have discovered a problem on the iOS app when I tried to upload a file to my vault in iCloud Drive, in which a file with the same name existed. After I select “replace” in the pop-up dialogue, Cryptomator appeared to successfully upload the new file, but when I checked, the file was still the old one. I had to repeat the upload procedure at least twice to have the new file properly uploaded and replacing the old one. This issue is highly reproducible on my iPad. Please take a look in this bug.

Additional info:
OS: iPadOS 13.4.1
App version: 1.5.0 (718)
Vault format: 7 (created by macOS client)

Additional comments (not related to the above bug but just some general thoughts on the iOS app):

  • Please allow batch management of files/folders (uploading, copying, moving, etc.)
  • Please add support for local/external storage. (I know that iOS/iPadOS 13 now allows user to give whole-folder access to apps. Maybe Cryptomator can make use of this feature to open vaults stored locally or on USB drives.)
  • I would really appreciate if there is an option to directly take photos / scan documents and save them in a vault within the app.