Cannot copy any file into vault with FUSE


I’ve just installed the 1.5.10 version and wanted to try using FUSE. Browsing and copying files from the vault works perfectly fine, but I cannot copy any file into the vault. Everytime I’m getting a warning that I need a permission to do this action. I don’t have such an issue with Dokan or Webdav. How can I solve it?

So it seems I finally solved it. I had to set up the parameters of connection to this: -ouid=197609 -ogid=401408 -ovolname=“00000”

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This is a known issue of windows accounts linked to microsoft accounts, see

The workaround is, like you did, change the uid/gid. The easiest way is to change the gid to 11.

I confirm that your solution works as well. Thanks!

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