Can I use it in simple mode? Means no additional files created in vault, only encrypted ones

I use a private cloud service provided by my corporation, it really slow me down for trafficking so many ~0K decoy files. Is it possible to have it run in simple mode, just encrypt my files with no decoy file created?

What do you mean with decoy files?
Cryptomator only creates encrypted files that are needed.
If you want to read more about how Cryptomator encrypt the files: see here.

So no, there’s no „simple mode“

I think he means the files inside the “m” folder.

As far as I know, version 7 of the encryption, which will be used in version 1.5.0, does need the files inside the m folder as well. But I’m not sure if they will be moved somewhere else.

The m directory is used to handle long file names, it does not contain decoy files.

With vault format 7 the directory is obsolete and will be removed during migration. Nonetheless, as can be seen in the documentation of the format, you still have a special handling of the files with long file names (as with directories and symlinks).

I didn’t noticed that all small files in the vault were essential. But I would really like to reduce file numbers it created. Maybe just put all small files in one zip file.

I advise against to tamper with the vault internal file structure. Cryptomator relies on this structure due to directory flattening, the above mentionened handling of long file names and the handling of symlinks.

The reasons for these are a better protection of your meta data and to be compatible with most cloud providers. If you only want to have an encrypted zip file, there are better tools.

What I meant was a zip folder for the m directory and those files with a size less than 100 KB, so the cloud server will treat them all as a single file.

This is completely contrary to one of the main advantages of Cryptomator: to have to transfer only the files/data that have been added/changed
(think about the mobiles apps which do not have the vault files local).

Why do you want to reduce the amount of files? What is your intention?

It is because our company cloud is slow in sync when there is a lot of files, and it takes a lot of time for it to go through folders. I understand Cryptomator is great in saving transfer time. What I propose is if we have less files, it will save time to caculate what needs to sync. And if those small files can go into a zip file of 20 MB or something like that, it would save me more time using our cloud. Because it is a local cloud server with stupid software, quick in transfer and slow in caculation. It spend a lot of time on going through all files to find out what is new. I hope we can get a better cloud app, but this is what I am going to stuck with for a long time.

What you describe won’t be implemented for Cryptomator. The whole thing about single file encryption is that only the files which are changed are uploaded/downloaded to save bandwidth. Of course due to the directory flattening of Cryptomater (and some other stuff) you have additional files, but they are still feasible looking from the files comparsion view.

You should consider alternative encryption solutions like VeraCrypt. With it all files are stored in a single container, thus reduces the comparsion to a single file. The drawback is of course that for every single change the container needs to be uploaded again.

Thank you for the suggestion. Do you happen to know anything in between? Some other virtual encrypted disk creates one encrypted file for each file?