Can cyberduck help bridge 4GB+ files between 1.3.x and 1.4.x vault?


I am putting files on google drive.

Heard 1.4.x will support 4GB+ file and fast, that is good.

Mean while on windows it cant handle 4GB+ file and slow. (slow is bad but can tolerate).

So, how can i UPLOAD NOW?
And how transit later?

my plan is:
create 1.3.3.vault on google drive,
upload small files as usual,
upload 4GB+ files by cyberduck.

later when 1.4.0 is out.
uninstall 1.3.x and install 1.4.0.
and the vault on google drive is good to go?
ctmt 1.4.0 can use 1.3.3-made-vault as 1.4.0-made-vault?