Can Ctmt work on file level?

i have uploaded a folder to google drive thru ctmt.
than use rclone to sync to say onedrive.

time is valuable, so i work and edit some files in the same vault, at the same time.

however, rclone say a file, obviously part of the vault , is corrupted. What can I do? My action now is dump the whole vault and repeat upload. hope sometime there is no error.

currently file name encrypted, i found old feature request. so pls see if later rclone can report a single file, and i only need to delete it and upload a single file.

it was important, thru i bought ctmt android app,
i also test on competitor’s product.

the b0xxxxxx one, originally also hide file name,
later make plain file name and can work that way.

As said i prefer foss more.
pls see if later ctmt can work that way.


I really want ctmt to be better, so I will point out something that I think worth to notice.

As the problem above,


------------------------------------------- file A

2018/03/11 17:56:49 ERROR : bc-ed/2cp/201803xx/20180306-144800-bc01-iat006-cmu/d
rv-u/u_log.mmap.bak.7z.bc: Failed to copy: failed to open source object: bad res
ponse: 500: 500 Internal Server Error

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- file B

2018/03/11 18:35:52 ERROR : ctmt/1cpwk/201803xx/20180304-001044—www004–ctmt-v
failed to open source object: bad response: 500: 500 Internal Server Error

both files got error while copying by rclone from google drive to onedrive.

file A is by the competitor Bxxxxxxxx, and in this case it’s obvious I just delete that single file,
then re-upload that single file, and everything is OK.

file B, inside ctmt 's vault.
currently what I can do is delete the whole vault, reupload and hope everything go OK.

if there is any solution, pls let me know.