Camera-Uploads / iOS App functionality

Hi there,

I tried using boxcryptor, which indeed is a good program - BUT I had a big issue with the iPhone App.
So that’s why I want to try cryptomator.

I use Dropbox mainly to automatically upload my photos and videos from the camera roll on my iphone.
Therefore I wish them to be encrypted. With bc it worked fine - but when I opened the iPhone app, it only showed my photos in a list and without image thumbnails. Also there was a timeline missing. So it’s really hard to find the photos online when using your phone. I really wish cryptomator could manage this.

Can anybody give me an advice if this would work with cryptomator? Or can anybody givve me advise which alternative I could use for that?

Thanks in advance!

Actually cryptomator iPhone app does not provide thumbnails. And as this is not as simple as it might look, I do not expect this already requested feature to be implemented in the near future.

I’ve heard that on Android there is already the automatic camera roll backup, you won’t implement it on ios because there is no thumbnails yet?

I only responded to the requested thumbnail function.