Camera Upload, share to cryptomator selecting multiple files, select all from photos upload menu

Hi everyone!
I know that camera upload request has been already made, but i want to share some other features that cryptomator for iOS needs to add imo, as i find myself very limited from it by being unable to upload multiple files at once.

-Camera Upload: no explenation needed

-Share to cryptomator by selecting multiple files: Lets say that im in my photos gallery and i want to chose multiple photos to upload on cryptomator. I should be able to do that be selecting them, press on share and than chose cryptomator. That s not a feature atm as i don’t have the share option from photos.
Even if I use another app like “documents” i can chose multiple files, press share and than cryptomator, it let me chose the folder but as i press on “upload”, cryptomator only uploads 1 file/photo.

-Select all from photos upload menu: When i press upload on cryptomator, than gallery, i should be able to press on “select all” like other apps do, and upload. Atm i need to press on every single photo if i want to upload all my camera roll or simply a gallery folder.

Thank you for the app as it is right now, and thanks in advance for the future!