Bluescreen at new installed Fuse Safe

Hi Folks,

After reinstalling Cryptomator and creating a fuse safe on OneDrive and entering the password to decrypt, I immediately ran into a blue screen.
This behavior is reproducible. Happens every time. WbDav works great. Fuse= blue screen. Events show nothing. Debug mode also nothing that could indicate that. OS is Win 11. Anyone experienced something similar?
Thanks for your throughts.

Greetz to all :slight_smile:

Cryptomator depends on WinFsp, when FUSE is selected on Windows.

Sounds similar to WinFSP: Bluescreen on unlock, when also running Windows Containers (like Docker) · Issue #2498 · cryptomator/cryptomator · GitHub and at least this issue was fixed in WinFsp.

Could you please install and try the latest stable version of WinFsp? Release WinFsp 2022.2 Update1 · winfsp/winfsp · GitHub

If that still doesn’t work, we may have to create a new issue at WinFsp. A crash dump would be helpful in this case.

Hi Tobi, thanks for your answer.
Disable Bitlocker and installing the winfsp update did the trick :blush:


Greetz Skeletor


Hello Guys,
in my case, only the winfsp update did it. Bitlocker is still active.
Best regards & thanks for your help!