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For cryptomator encrypted files, if those files are put on cloud from device A and I access those files from device B then do I need to download all the files of the folder from cloud to device B or can the files be decrypted on device B with only the masterkey file??

The desktop app does not do any sync. This is the job of your storage providers app (like OneDrive client or google drive client).
It depends on the configuration of these apps if the files are all downloaded or only the files that are actually needed (files on demand / file streaming)

Cryptomator does the encryption on a file basis.

My question was incorrectly perceived.
I meant that if the folder containing all encrypted files along with masterkey file was accessed from cloud on a different device. Do I need to download the whole folder containing encrypted files along with masterkey file or only the masterkey file is needed without the rest of encrypted files to see the contents of the encrypted file.

It’s them same answer :slight_smile:

Let me say it that way: the Cryptomator app needed the Masterkey file, the vault.cryptomator file and all encrypted files that are connected to an unencrypted file „available“ locally.
As you do not know which encrypted files belongs to the one unencrypted you are looking for, you always have to make the complete vault files available to the app. But that does not necessarily mean that you actually have to download all files. If you configure your storage provider sync app (OneDrive client, google backup and sync, iCloud client, etc) to not download the files but make them available as files on demand or file streaming, then the files are available for local apps, but not downloaded as long as no app is requesting them.

I guess your misunderstanding is, that you think you know which encrypted files (more than one per file!) you need to see an unencrypted file in the vault. That is not the case. You don’t know that.
Technically Cryptomator does not need a complete vault available, as it is a file based encryption. But you just don’t know which exact encrypted files of a vault are connected to an unencrypted files in the vault.

Finally got it, thanks. :slight_smile:
Can close the thread.
Also if you are from cryptomator team, good product.

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I’m not, but I’m sure they will read this and appreciate your feedback :slight_smile:
Thank you