App Store has not the last version online

Hi Crypomator Team,

It looks like you app is not in the Mac App Store anymore.
What for reasons does this have?
Will this app still exist for Mac?

Best regards

Cryptomator has never been in the Map App Store. We actually did some experiments and tried to release it on the Mac App Store but never succeeded. I forgot what the issue was but probably some functionality that’s restricted by Apple’s sandboxing. I won’t say it’s impossible but we haven’t found the time yet to put in the effort.

So yes, Cryptomator will exist for macOS (downloadable from our website).

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The problem is that one can neither communicate with Finder via AppleScript nor use the shell to invoke a mount command due to the sandbox.

If anyone knows a creative solution on how to invoke a mount command, feel free to post your suggestion! :slight_smile:

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