Any experiences when conflicting files show up on Box and collaborators can't see file changes?

We put a folder on Box that is shared to 3 people and for use with Cryptomator. Sometimes Box sync comes across version conflicts and then creates folders like this:

where the conflict folders are outside of the encrypted files for cryptomator and thus their file changes aren’t synced back to the rest of us.

With great trepidation I copied the contents of the conflicting folder back into the main m folder, and it seems to showing those files my colleague uploaded but I previously couldn’t see. Is that what I should do without fear in the future? Second, is there any way to prevent this happening in the future as much as possible? Am leery about losing data access permanently when securing it…

Thank you for reporting the issue! The “m” directory (“m” stands for metadata) is currently created on-demand. When multiple people access the vault and all clients create the “m” directory (almost) simultaneously, I can understand the issue.

From now on you shouldn’t have to fear that multiple “m” folders are created, because it’s already there and Cryptomator won’t create it on-demand anymore. But we’re fixing this issue with the upcoming update 1.3.2 so that the “m” directory will be created during vault creation.