Android and PC integration (32bit PC)

I have recently installed version 1.5.9 and think it’s great. No problem so far. I then downloaded Windows version on my PC received an error message that it’s only for 64 bit. Then installed an old 32 bit version which installed okay, but when I tried to open my WebDav folder created from android it wouldn’t open because it was created with a newer version. Any suggestions how I can get round this problem, before I go off at strange tangents?

Hi Dave,

As you said: the latest Android version creates vaults with format 7, that is supported by desktop version 1.5.x+.
So you can’t open a vault created by the latest 32bit desktop version, which was 1.3.4, as this version does not support vault format 7.
What I’m actually not aware of (no android user), is if the latest android version does support vault format 6. If yes, you can open vaults you have created with the old 32.bit desktop app with the android app as well (but not vice versa).
If not, I do not see a solution to your problem.

Please note: Cryptomator desktop 1.3.4 was release April 2018 (!). I highly recommend not to use such old and unmaintained software, especially for crucial data.

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It does :slight_smile:

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Thanks Guys,
I created a vault with the 32 bit version 1.3.4 and I can open and edit from my Android.
Thanks for the help,