Alternative of thumbnails Feature , what you think cryptomator community?

Hello cryptomator team, thankyou for providing us such a beautiful and privacy oriented apps. It evolves great. With each updates its getting enhanced and feature rich. But still it lacks the biggest feature and need of the hour feature which boxcryptor app has but cryptomator doesn’t have it yet. But i come up with a solution here sir. Please tell me how it goes.

If thumbnails can’t be provided yet, then we can work on a feature to add I think that feature doesn’t hinder privacy too. Tagging feature inbuilt. while uploading cryptomator shows us tag option(multiple tags can be added) and we put our tags with particular pictures thus while searching our photo, we can narrow down our search with tags. and thus it is easy to find out our pictures or files. I think this could resolve our thumbnails problems and make cryptomator more practical and outperform its competition in this feature too. @SailReal