Access Vault with other App over Cryptomator

some of my Apps generates automatical backups and I can set a local path for the backups.
Unfortunately I found no way to push the backups to Cryptomator.

Is it possible to sync a local folder to Cryptomator or set a mounting point in Android like a sdcard where I put the backups and will be synced automatically (like Windows) ?

Also the automatically photo upload does’t work…


Hey and welcome in the community :slightly_smiling_face:!

As long as this issue is not implemented, unfortunately that is not possible.

Which version of Cryptomator are you using?

Is there a timetable for the realization ? The request is still from 2017 and this is a main feature.

I bought the App on the Homepage and downloaded the latest apk, which was offered after the buy: 1.5.0-beta4

You’re right, the issue is from 2017 but we’re always making progress, implementing new features, fixing problems etc, all with a lot of passion but it’s also true that we’ve to tackle some essential features (but that will always be the case). You can read in our early 2020 roadmap, that the next “big” feature will be the DocumentProvier:

In the Android app, the next big feature will be accessing files of a Cryptomator vault inside other apps using a DocumentProvider. For example, a file explorer will be able to access the content of the vault in this way. As well as smaller features like recursive upload of folders to the vault are planned.

But for the mentioned issue with the folder sync we can’t give you any ETA.

We fixed a bug in this version regarding the auto photo upload. We will publish the update in the next few days, please stay tuned and report back if that doesn’t fix the problem.