Access denied when trying to open PDFs with Adobe Acrobat

Very, very strange…

@Klaus_Salger i send you a message, just answer me.

I was experiencing the same issue when opening PDFs in Abode Reader, but the problem didn’t occur when opening the PDFs in Chrome.

I found the following article that shows you how to disable protected mode in Adobe Reader. I know this isn’t a fix, but it’s a workaround for those who don’t mind disabling protected mode.

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I have the same issue when opening PDFs in Acrobat Reader. I’m on Windows 10, Acrobat is at 2019.012.20034. I would very much appreciate if you could fix this issue as disabling Acrobat Protected Mode is not a good long term solution nowadays.

Thanks and Best Regards!

Same problem here :frowning:

Unfortunately, I have the same problem (Windows 10, Acrobat Reader DC, Dokany). The behavior is somewhat erratic. Sometimes a file opens just fine, sometimes it does not. Deactivating the Adobe Reader Sandbox does not seem like a viable option to me, considering the regular security issues in Acrobat Reader.

I get this on Windows 10; Cryptomator 1.4.10 Dokany. Isn’t consistent at all. I’ll try to open a file and it won’t work 2-3 times and then it works on the same file when I try again. I’ve only seen this with Adobe Reader. Same file with another PDF viewer works fine every time.

Same problem here on Win10 x64, Cryptomator 1.4.11%2B114-x64.

I created an issue on the bug tracker:

Unfortunatly we cannot fix this in Cryptomator because this bug also occurs when one uses “plain” Dokany. Thus this might take a while.

Hallo, ich habe dasselbe Problem und kann mit dem Workaround gut leben, wenn sichergestellt ist, dass die Dateien dadurch weder beschädigt, noch verändert werden. Ist das vorhanden. Kann mir jemand zum Issue noch mehr Informationen geben?

I hope dokany will fix this soon…

@mahas Schau dir den verlinkten Thread pdf-Dateien lassen sich nicht mehr öffnen an. Dort ist es etwas ausführlicher erklärt. Für technische Beschreibungen empfehle ich den Bugreport im Dokany Tracker. (verlinkt in unserem Github issue).

Und nein es werden keine Dateien verändert. Sie lassen sich manchmal einfach nicht öffnen.

Hallo! Danke für deine Rückmeldung. Wenn sichergestellt ist, dass die PDF durch den Umstand tatsächlich nicht verändert oder beschädigt werden, dann kann ich mit dem Umstand leben. Ist zu erwarten, dass Dokany zeitnah geupdatet wird? Oder dauert das erfahrungsgemäß Wochen, Moante, Jahre?

Herzliche Grüße!


J’ai eu le même problème : les fichiers pdf enregistrés dans le conteneur n’arrivait pas à s’ouvrir dans adobe.
J’ai trouver la manière de régler le problème, il s’agit d’un paramétrage d’adobe :
Adobe/Edition/Préférences/“Protection (renforcée)”/“Protections de l’environnement de test” : décocher “Activer le mode protégé au démarrage”.
Redémarrer Adobe

Ceci dit décocher cette option rend votre ordinateur plus vulnérable aux fichiers pdf malvéillants. Cette solution n’est donc pas satisfaisante, mais constitue juste à paliatif en attendant une meilleur solution.


I never had the problem before, but after the automatic Adobe Reader update to version 2021.001.20135 I get the same error message.

Cryptomator was in version 1.5.11 with bundled Dokany. I updated to version 1.5.12 now, but the problem persists.

Any idea? System is Windows 10 Pro.

Edit: Is this still valid and the last information?

Hi there,

Cryptomator 1.5.11 (also 1.5.12), Dokany, windows 10, Onedrive
Have been using all files in the vault successfully. Suddenly, the .pdf files in the vault cannot be read anymore with pdf reader in protected mode. The big difference to the reported cases before is that a) it started out of the blue, and b) the error is solid; Can not read a single .pdf any more with pdf reader. Works ok with other pdf reading tools.

Thanks for any insights, cheers.

Hello I have the same problem.
Cryptomator 1.5.11 (also 15.1.12), Dokany, Windows 10 Pro 20H2 Build 19042.804.
With Webdav works.
Thank you

I just started having this problem as well.

Cryptomator 1.5.12
Dokany (x64)
Microsoft Windows 10 Pro / Version 10.0.19041 Build 19041
Adobe Acrobat Reader DC Version 2021.001.20135

I can read with other pdf tools (i.e. open in browser).


Does the behaviour change if as the mount point a directory is used instead of a drive letter? This setting is found in the vault specific options, accessible if the vault is locked.

I just tested it using a directory and had the same behavior

Same here, no difference between directory or drive letter as mount point.