Access denied when trying to open PDFs with Adobe Acrobat (Desktop-App: 1.4.6)


Hey there,

since I updated to latest Cryptomator version 1.4.6 trying to open PDF files with Adobe Acrobat Reader leads to an error:

which is like: “An error occured while trying to open the document. Access denied.” With other applications (Microsoft Edge) I am able to open PDF files in the vault. Futhermore opening PDF files wich are not stored in the vault works fine, also with Acrobat. Does anybody have any idea how to fix this?
Reinstalling Acrobat did not help.



For me everything work as expected with adobe acrobat reader dc.

How are you opening the document? From the explorer? From the welcome panel of the program?
What happens if you open the document from inside the program over the “open” dialogue? (In the upper left corner, click on file and then the first entry of the popup menu)

Maybe the file is write protected: Windows: How to remove write protection from a file inside a vault


Probably the same incident as me Cryptomator corrupted my files
The user most probably been using the application for sometime.
I doubt it would always be write protected

Update : It was indeed write protected , but why ? How come that is happening ?


Just tested some things, it does not mattter how I try to open files. Both, explorer and open dialogue are leading to the reportet error. Files are not write protected.

Some further information:
-OS: Windows 10
-Interface: Dokany

Switching the interface to WebDAV solved the problem. This is a workauround I can accept but it does not solve the real porblem so I am still looking for further ideas.