1.5.0beta2 - UI taskbar and tray (cosmetic)

Testing 1.50beta2
I’ve Found a few small purely cosmetic issues on linux mint (cinnamon desktop)

1.When the program is open. 2 windows are always shown in the task bar as cryptomator - one of them is blank “JavaEmbeddedFrame”
If cryptomator is minimized to tray the JavaEmbeddedFrame stays open in the taskbar.

  1. The system tray icon isn’t scaling, taking up around 1/3 of the icon space, leaving a white background.

Neither issue affects the usability of cryptomator, and all the windows/icons close correctly on program exit.

I’ve migrated a couple of test/backup vaults today , one via fuse and the other webdav. As the only issues i’ve noticed today are here and unimportant, things are running very nice with beta2 :smiley:

This should be fixed by this PR:

Let’s retest it with beta 3 soon.

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