1.4.11 on Windows 10 left vault mount point as local disk with 0 size when vault is unlocked

Win10 Pro 1803 will all available updates. Dokany vault created in Dropbox.

I received the notification that 1.4.11 was available for download. So, I closed my vault mounted at X: and exited out of 1.4.10.

I ran the installer and then unlocked my vault. When I went to access it, I got an error message saying that the drive (X:) was unavailable. (Unfortunately, I no longer have access to the message I received.) When I looked at “This PC”. It showed X: as a local disk with 0 size. When I looked at the options for my vault, the mount point was set to “assign automatically” instead of X:.

To get it to mount at X:, I had to force it to mount with automatic drive assignment (which worked) and then lock the vault again. At that point, I could change the vault drive letter to X:. Once I did this, it worked as it had before with 1.4.10.

I’m not sure what the installer did during the upgrade to break this. But, it definitely broke something temporarily.

I am getting a similar error on latest windows 10 production update and 1.4.11. Multiple times. You have to reboot to free up the drive letter (M, in my case). I reinstalled 1.4.7 and it’s working fine now. NOTE: the vault opens and I was even able to rename one file, but on rename of a second one, it said “file no longer present” and when I refreshed the file explorer, all files disappeared from the list. I’m using dokan not webdav. In other words, my vault is auto-closing on me when I do not request it, but the M drive remains allocated.

Thanks for reporting this!

I don’t think this is the installer’s fault, but rather an unclean unmount of the previous 1.4.10. There are a few reports on GitHub as well as in this forum telling us that drive letters stay occupied for a while. We haven’t found a reliable way to reproduce this yet.

Ah. Interesting. I guess with 1.4.10 I never would have noticed it since I’m usually only closing my vault at the end of my work day before I shutdown my laptop.

Thanks for the follow-up!