1.4.0 for windows 10 x86

There is an update 1.40 x64 for windows but how could i update the 1.3.4 version to 1.4.0 on my windows 10 x86?

Thanks for your answers

Hi. Just install the new version and ad your existing vaults.

Thanks for your answer but when i tried to install it, i have the next message:" This program can only be installed on versions of windows designed for the following processor architectures: x64" and it’s the last version Cryptomator-1.4.0+95-x64.exe, the only version can i download, with the 1.3.4, there is a x86 version and no with the 1.4.0.

Hi. Sorry, i did not notice that you’re on a 32 Bit system.
No. Version 1.4 is only available for 64 Bit systems.
32 Bit support ended with Version 1.3.4.
(See Release notes here: https://github.com/cryptomator/cryptomator/releases/tag/1.4.0)

Ok I stay with version 1.3.4 for my 32 bit system.
Thanks for your help